Yin And Yang


Isn’t  it strange how we can have an awesome day-month-year, and simultaneously encounter challenges which seem to be the exact opposite? Life is strange that way, and we humans tend to keep swimming no matter how deep the waters get.

This has been a year when the challenges have steadily waited in line for a turn to test my strength. It has also been a year of reaching both personal and professional milestones. On a good day, I’ve reached goals, felt healthy, enjoyed quality time with loved ones, and simple pleasures like sunny weather, delicious meals and a few extra minutes to relax. On a bad day, I’ve endured health challenges, computer dilemmas, not having enough space in my home, and complained about the bad weather and the fact that my partner travels so much for work. I’d like to think I have reasonable control over my emotions, but what about those days when the good and bad collide? For instance,  your new website is finally up and running after 6 months of slow development, your daughter and her love move into their new house, your partner gets the great news that he’s lost 120# since November…and then you receive the dreaded news that your favorite uncle has lost his battle with cancer, all in the same day?  Suddenly your spontaneous happy dance halts and you’re forced to wrap your head around the fact that there is Yin and Yang.

No religion or spiritual practice of which I’m aware can eliminate this harsh reality. We are all reliant on our ability to cope with the ups and downs day to day. I’ve decided I like good and bad days to be exclusive unto themselves. Let’s face it, a really bad day should never happen when someone is getting married, having a baby, being promoted, etc. Conversely, an awesome day should not show up uninvited to a funeral, at the scene of a terrible car accident or when someone is being fired from their job. The lines become blurred when yin and yang cross over, resulting in all kinds of mayhem! Yes, I know my theory is ridiculous and I’m a total romantic, but a girl can wish for a more perfect world, right?

I’m all about finding balance in my life (if there is such a thing), but I’ve come to realize that some days we have to let go of that idea. Some days are just bi-polar regardless of our efforts to thwart the unpredictable. To that I say,  “go ahead… do yoga, meditate, pray if that’s your thing, run marathons, sweat it out, make lists, be productive, be lazy, put a giant calendar on your fridge, eat less sugar and more protein, maintain your social life, nurture your family, find passion, and live the life you love. The truth is, we never know when the bad will try to piggyback the good, making for some crazy chicken fights! Best to fill up our yin tanks often, in an effort to give yang a run for it’s money.