I’m Going Crazy

You’ve probably noticed a lot of weird things going on around here, and I promise it’s not your imagination. I was in Florida last week, and wasn’t able to get much done on the site customizations unfortunately. Now that I’m back home, a bazillion things are interfering with my progress of course. Editing, visitors, editing, allergies, helping my daughter prepare for her big move to JAX in a few weeks…and did I mention editing? Yeah, so it turns out that all¬†of my images have to be resized in specific ways to use in various sections on my new site, so I’ve been going through thousands of images to prepare portfolio galleries. Let me just say I’m no stranger to geeky stuff, and I actually enjoy doing back-end website admin…but this project is about to make me lose my mind.

If you can’t find me, I’ll probably be in therapy or I’ve thrown my computer at someone’s head and I’ll call you to bail me out of jail. Thanks in advance for your help :) If you’re one of my existing clients and are waiting for new pricing info or your proof gallery…I really¬†appreciate your patience as we get this GINORMOUS project finished. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend and enjoy the remainder of Spring Break. (I’ll be at my desk slaving away while some of you are drinking tropical drinks by a pool somewhere.)

By the way…with warm weather on the horizon, it’s the beginning of Love season, so I’ve shared a few images to put you in the mood…



Carbajal_Web0443 Carbajal_Web0429 Carbajal_Web0123