Manic Monday

Monday’s are manic, just like The Bangles song says.  I’m writing this post from my cozy tempur pedic on Sunday night, while my head is spinning about all the things I must accomplish on Monday. Though my brain hurts from the overcrowded racing thoughts, I’m also excited to progress on long term projects which have been underway for months. Each phase of my new website and rebranding has had it’s challenges, but the rewards which come from hard work make me happy, and a little giddy!

I find it odd when my brain won’t turn off since I have every possible form of technology and all the task management tools in place to prevent this problem. When I wake up, my computer greets me with a happy little screen of tasks in order of priority. My business management software (Daylite) is setup on our network and syncs all of my calendars, projects, emails, client correspondence etc. seamlessly to my MacPro, mobile devices and MacBook Pro. Yes indeed I run a tight ship to stay organized and on track. So why then, does my brain choose to have a dance party at bedtime? Only one explanation–Spring Fever!

Did I mention I LOVE Spring time? I’m so happy about putting my bare feet in the grass, seeing all the new baby birds, and sleeping with my windows opened, but the best thing about springtime for me is Angel De Mayo. My birthday is May 4th, and my terrific man hunk decided to turn my annual Bday celebration into a Cinco De Mayo hybrid event. I know, it’s brilliant right? Yes, we eat tacos and Darrin makes his amazing home made salsa (Papa D’s Hot Mess). Trust me, that stuff is better than ANY salsa you’ve ever eaten!

Now that I’ve figured out why my brain won’t stop dancing, I guess I can try to do yoga, or maybe count sheep, or tortilla chips. Wish me luck with Manic Monday, and ya’ll  have a good one!

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