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My name is Angel. I’m a soul searcher, people lover, beauty maker, art creator.

As a native of Virginia Beach, it’s nice to be back from the DC metro area breathing again the fresh salt air. I’ve lived on the East and West Coasts, in bustling cities and in quiet sleepy towns. Virginia Beach is my childhood home, where the sweet comfort of family and friends fills my heart. Growing up in dance and theater started my passion for storytelling; now, I’m doing it through photography and digital art. Before becoming a photographer, I was a full time professional makeup artist-hair stylist, and a part time  dance instructor. I’ve worked with creative teams and talented photographers throughout my life. I didn’t realize it then, but it had a profound influence on my future.

Transitioning my long-time hobby into a full-time profession was a humbling leap of faith. Suddenly, I was surrounded by students my adult daughter’s age who’d never used a roll of film! Challenging doesn’t begin to describe the technical side of this business, yet it feeds my geeky soul without stepping on my creative mojo. Photography is my art-drug of choice, and allows me to marry my background in hair, makeup and performing arts to my digital nerdiness. Luckily, my clients give me the privilege of peeking intimately into their lives to create my art. I am truly honored and humbled by their unconditional vulnerability.

My work is deeply inspired by real connections. Connections to people, places and paths, and to our view of the world.  I’m looking for your authentic self, and when I find it through my looking glass, there is nothing more beautiful. 


To view more of my work, please visit my blog and social media pages.

Angel Dibbs Photographer

Angel with CameraI’m a fast-roller-coaster, spontaneous dance party, laugh-til-I-snort, iced-hazelnut-latte kind of girl, cherishing the people I love, practicing compassion, and embracing mid-life like a boss.


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